The Importance of Science Fiction

Do we need science fiction? Yes! Science fiction is important and something that society needs because science fiction helps society see the different possibilities of the future, helps society imagine different scenarios and science fiction helps address current world problems. So why do we need science fiction? let me break it down. 

First, science fiction is something that we need because it helps society see the different possibilities of the future, whether it would be weather, disease, or technology. For example, I read and watched a short story/film called “Harrison Bergeron”. “Harrison Bergeron” takes place in a society where everyone is equal by being handicapped, things that cover up their face if they are too beautiful, and these aids that stop them from thinking to deeply of something if you were a very smart person. This story gives us a glimpse of what it would be like if our technology made us equal and what the consequences would be if we lived in a society where we were handicapped to be equal. In my opinion I do think that some of the stories of science fiction gives us a glimpse of how things would be if things were different now or in the later in the future. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why we need science fiction in our lives. Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Second, science fiction helps society imagine different scenarios such as watching movies like “The Hunger Games” and the “Maze Runner”. Both movies also showed us what a different world they lived in and their technology compared to now. For example, watching these movies myself, I imagined if we lived in a world like that and what it would be like if we were set up for obstacles such as fending for yourself to be the last man standing in the end (The Hunger Games). So, this is one of the second reasons why society needs science fiction since it helps us imagine different scenarios in our world. 

Lastly and most important, society needs science fiction because it helps address our current world problems such as climate change, equality, and things like disease. For example, “Harrison Bergeron” again. This story is about equality and shows us what it would be like in a world if we were all equal and that being equal is not always good. Next, the short story “The Lottery” is about

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a yearly ritual where one person dies every year, but they live in a society that is a perfect world, and the only consequence is that one person dies every year. Therefore, this is why society needs science fiction. 

In conclusion, these were the reasons why society needs science fiction because it helps us in so many ways. But one of the important reasons is that it helps address many of the problems that we have in our current society, or it addresses problems that could happen in the future such as climate change and such. 

Global Warming…Should We Worry?

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Global warming has always been the discussion in last few decades but little to no action to change our ways to save the planet? Global warming has been used in science fiction by writers and “predicting” what might happen, such as disasters, the bees dying out, pollution, these are just some of the examples of what their stories can be about under this genre.

I believe that science fiction writers don’t run the risk of making our society not care about global warming because not to many people read science fiction in general, unless they watched movie based global warming.

But to the people who are into the genre, based off this article, it can help them understand the different possibilities and to be prepared on what might happen, when it will happen and thinking about our current issues that are on the rise with global warming.


Science fiction Wastelands: Why so Popular?

Everyone has heard about wasteland (post-apocalyptic) in a form of a movie or TV show series and has definitely watched them, such as Pandemic, San Andreas, A Quiet Place, The Matrix, Greenland, The 100 and The Walking dead. Sound familiar? These are just some of the titles listed under the category of wasteland, however, here is an article to look at for the best post-apocalyptic movies

First of all, people like watching post-apocalyptic movies similar to how our younger generation likes watching dystopian movies. But they’re not the same, the difference between dystopian and post-apocalyptic movies is that, dystopian focuses more on cultures and societies that appear stable and well established, whereas post-apocalyptic focuses more cultures and societies being imbalanced or “gone downhill”. Most post-apocalyptic movies are about life being threatened, a disease up rises, natural disaster or war.

Since dystopian and post-apocalyptic movies are quite similar, that means that the same reason that we like dystopian movies is similar to how we like post-apocalyptic movies. In an article I read that is about why we like apocalyptic movies says that people love to see the struggle on a group of people and are fascinated with disaster. Just like dystopian movies, they often view them as pessimistic glimpses into our future, as well as being in survival, people like to watch the characters that try to survive the utter destruction of the world.

From my personal experience from watching post-apocalyptic movies is that I also find that its really interesting to see the characters in the show/movie survive and to also picture scenarios if it were to become a reality. So that is why people like watching post-apocalyptic movies and why it has popularity to it.

The Fear of Future Technology Blog Post #3

As years go by, our technology gets more and more advanced, people creating automated machines and robots with artificial intelligence. This is just the beginning of our future, there will eventually be very smart robots all over the world and that’s a good thing right..? But whats the fear and anxiety all about against robots? First with our growing technology, people fear that robots might take over work and take away peoples jobs, such as factories.

Another fear that people have on robots is that they’re unsafe and dangerous and if they’ll be used against us, which would not likely happen. That is why people are afraid of robots.

Overall, people need to research more into robots and to be more informed about them so it lessons the fear and anxiety over robots

here is a website on 3 reasons why people are afraid of robots

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Dystopian Literature Popular Amongst Youth

In recent years, dystopian literature has become popular with our younger generation, the adult youth and our younger people. Dystopia has been around for a while, since the early 1920s and 30s after the first world war that was the “war to end all wars”. Dystopian Literature is the opposite of Utopia, the worst imaginable society, compared to Utopia where its the perfect society. One of the most popular movies or novels in this genre is The Hunger games and The Maze Runner. The Maze runner takes place in a society where they are trapped and have to go through a maze to find and escape route with walls moving around.

The reasoning that I believe that the younger generation likes dystopian novels and movies is because they find it interesting and exciting that makes it seem like it can become a reality but its all fictional. Another reasoning to this is that it helps them feel better about our current society and understand the ideas of the genre. In my opinion, when I’m watching or reading dystopian literature, I find that I like to imagine myself with the main characters in the story. This is why I think that dystopian literature has become so popular in recent years.


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